The content of each selection is provided with up to 7 photos, all displayed online, in order to give you the possibility of choosing your favorite one and receiving exactly what you have viewed. Although it is not possible to pick each item individually and create your own selection box, we believe that our choices are relevant for the vintage market, and the items will sell fast, once they reach you.


The easiest way to place an order is via the website. We advise you to take a minute and create your personalized account. This will entitle you to view our stock, prices and place your order. After you have chosen your favorite selection, add it to your Cart and proceed to payment. You can also contact us via e-mail, telephone or pay us a visit at ILV Wholesale in Amsterdam, to view our stock. If you choose to visit the ILV Wholesale, please inform us beforehand, in order to make an appointment.
Unlike other vintage wholesale companies, we do not have a minimum order request. If your order is large, varied and interesting to both business, we can discuss discount options. However, regardless the total amount, we proceed to processing the order after it was fully paid for.
Please note that it is not mandatory to have a VAT/TAX registration number, in order to purchase items from ILV wholesale (except for countries outside EU).


In order to view the prices of our selections, you must create an account on ILV Wholesale. Once you log in online with your personal account, you will be able to view the prices excluding and including 21% taxes.
For retailers with a VAT/TAX registration number, the prices will be tax free. In order to take advantage of this facility, once you have made an account, you will be asked to provide your VAT/TAX registration number. When you will proceed to payment, the system will automatically choose the tax free price. This is available for orders within, as well as outside EU.
However, if you are being charged with the full price, but you know you have a valid VAT/TAX registration number, please contact us.
Please notice that you must have a VAT/TAX registration number for a VAT free pricing.


At the moment, we only accept payments through PayPal, IDEAL or bank transfer. However, please contact us if you wish to proceed with another payment option and we will attend you in the shortest possible time.



We currently process our deliveries through DPD. If you want to see how much you are going to be charged for your order, you can calculate your shipping costs with our shipping calculator, found on the same page with placing your order. If you think that the shipping costs are too high and you prefer another method of shipping or picking up your order, please contact us and we will find the most convenient solution.
Please notice that you may be entitled to significant shipping discounts based on the total size of your order, the amount of boxes and the destination.


Each of our selection is provided with up to 7 photos that allow you to view in detail the items of each box. We are making this extra effort because we want you to know exactly what you are receiving and also to prevent the disappointments and extra costs of returning merchandise. We believe that we are eliminating in this way the need for returns. If you aren't satisfied with your purchase nevertheless, contact us within 72 hours and then you can return your purchase for a full refund. Please note that the original Shippingcosts as well as the returncosts are not eligible for refund. Furthermore, if you notice that one of the items is damaged, please contact us within 48 hours.

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